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West, B.J. Principal
Pagan, Vicki Assistant Principal
Wilson, Nathan Assistant Principal

Anderson, Keith Mathematics - Department Chair
Austin, Molly Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)
Avera, Julia Science
Bandy, Adam Social Studies
Beam, Jeff Driver's Education
Beasley, Kayleigh Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)
Beaver, Candie English
Blackwood, Kelly Fine Arts - Department Chair / English
Blankenship, J.J. Business Education
Brewer, Vera English
Carter, Johnna English
Centers, Hannah Foreign Language - Department Chair
Clark, Rebecca English - Department Chair
Coffee, Jacob Science
Colter, Layce PE/Wellness
Curtis, Debbie Business Education - Department Chair
Davis, Andy Science
Dickerson, Stacey Agricultural Education - Department Chair
Dyer, Matt Social Studies
Farmer, Kaitlyn Agricultural Education
Flowers, Holly Science - Department Chair
Gattis, Glen Social Studies
Gore, Molly Agricultural Education
Gregory, Erica Mathematics
Hammock, Corey BI / Credit Recovery
Holder, Denise Special Education
Holshouser, Penny Special Education
Hudson, Jason PE/Wellness - Department Chair
Kirby, Melanie Fine Arts
Mahaney, Brandon Foreign Language
Marsh, Lynn English
McCaleb, Derek CDC
McClard, Deric English
Phillips, Kim English - ELL
Porter, Shana Mathematics
Reid, Beverly Mathematics
Reynolds, Blaine Science
Roark, Ken Agricultural Education - Department Chair
Sallee, Krystal Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) - Department Chair
Shaw, Adam PE/Wellness
Shoulders, Angie Mathematics
Shrum, Carol Social Studies - Department Chair
Sircy, Bobby Science
Swindle, Kelly Mathematics
Tucker, Daniel Social Studies
Welch, Angela Business Education
Welch, Jason Social Studies
Whatley, Katherine Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)
White, Larry Driver's Education
White, Rebecca Mathematics
Wilburn, Joey Fine Arts
Willbanks, Elizabeth English / Yearbook Advisor
York, Tyler PE/Wellness

Atkins, Terry School Resource Officer
Baker, Brent Custodian
Clark, Frances Cafeteria
Dillehay, Vicki General Duty Clerk
Dulworth, Terry Custodian
Gilmore, Corey Cafeteria
Greanead, JW Custodian / Manager
Green, Alicia Educational Information System
Gulley, Kelly Paraprofessional
Hale, Mary Anne Cafeteria
Halliburton, DeShena Paraprofessional
Hammock, Corey BI / Credit Recovery
Harper, Larry Custodian
Hix, Stacy Special Education - Department Chair / IEP Case Management
Holland, Regina Bookkeeper
Hudgens, Jane Cafeteria Manager
Jones, Charles Paraprofessional
Jones, Dianne Counselor
McCaleb, Chris Custodian
Meador, Teresa Paraprofessional
Mercer, Kathryn School Nurse
Murray, Danny Custodian
Napier, Linda Cafeteria
O'Donoghue, Wanda Permanent Substitute
Owens, Jackie Paraprofessional
Owens, Malinda Counselor
Phillips, Jeremy Paraprofessional
Powell, Lori Transition Coordinator
Ray, Jaimie Paraprofessional
Rich, Sherry Secretary
Robinson, Cyndi Paraprofessional
Schroeter, Stephanie Registrar
Shoulders, Beverly Graduation Specialist
Shrum, Whitney Data/Testing/RTI Coordinator
Welker, Suzanne Special Education - Paraprofessional
West, Patricia Paraprofessional
White, Arlene Cafeteria
Wilkerson, Monica Instructional Leader/Data Analyst/RTI Specialist
Worrell, Gary Paraprofessional
Young, Sara Beth Paraprofessional