Due to the construction taking place at Red Boiling Springs Elementary, and to ensure the safety of everyone here are few things to remember.  

1. Drive slowly and cautiously.

2. Be Patient.

3. Parking will be limited therefore students dropped off will go through the drop-off lane and parents will let students out instead of parking and walking students to the door.  

   SRO Officers will be out in front of the school entrance. 

4. Pre- K student drop offs begin at 7:30. Pre-K entrance will be the side door entrance where     Jr. High and High School students enter. Pre-K students must be walked to the door and be   signed in, therefore those students' parents must park and walk their child to the door.   

  I would advise those parents to park in parking slots next to the road to keep from being   blocked in by drop offs and buses unloading. Pre-K pick-ups will be the same and begin at   2:30. I would make sure my child is picked up by 2:45 or run the risk of being blocked in by     buses.

5. Morning drop-offs will begin at 7:00 a.m. NO earlier.

6. Buses will begin unloading at 7:35 each morning and will arrive at 2:45 each afternoon and   no earlier due to Pre-K traffic pick-ups. 

7. High School employees will be required to park on the high school side of school due to loss of parking slots and Pre-K relocation. 

8. No public access into the school and no social events will be held until further notice.


Red Boiling Springs Elementary Reopening Plan:

Students dropped off between 7:00-7:35 a.m. MUST report to the cafeteria. Those students will have temperature checked upon entering the cafeteria and sit in the classroom assigned area until 7:40. Breakfast will be handed to students as they leave the cafeteria. 

Buses will begin unloading starting at 7:35 NO earlier. Those students will report straight to the classroom. There will be 3 temperature checking lines as students enter the building: 1 for the front annex, and 2 for the main entrance, breakfast will be provided to students as they go to class. 

All students dropped off between 7:35 and 8:00 will have their temperature checked, be given breakfast, and report directly to the classroom.

All students will eat breakfast in classrooms.

Throughout the day we will manage social distancing as best we can.


There will be a rotating schedule with classes eating in classrooms and cafeteria as social distancing will be required in the cafeteria.


Each classroom will only have recess with their classmates.


Pick-ups will remain the same with social distancing taking place with the students as much as possible.

The Macon County Board of Education has policies and procedures in place for any issues considering coronavirus. 

This will be a unique school year and many inconveniences to all involved due to construction and coronavirus. Let's all work together to make the best of the situation.